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In remembrance of Shirley (1923- 2013)and Rev. Joseph H. Laird (1921 - 2012)

According to the 1920 census there were 2,532 families with the Laird surname in the United States. During the Civil War the Laird name was found in 193 Confederate Records and 352 Union Records.
In New Jersey, America's Oldest Native Distillery was making Laird Applejack since 1717 till present day.

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Ashokan Farewell: Ken Burns "American Civil War"(1861 - 1865)

American Civil War was right after The Second Opium War,or the Anglo-French expedition to China ( 1856 - 1860) with looting and burning of Garden of Perfect Brightness

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Laird Bookshop on IndieQuill